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Solar Hot Water System

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013

Are you looking for a high-quality solar hot water system? You don’t have to look any further. With us, you will have a variety of solar water heaters to suit your needs. By using the solar energy, you will save your electricity bill by a very huge percentage. Our services are affordable. Solar hot water system can be used in learning institutions, for domestic use, in hospitals, laboratories and many other places.

The systems use solar panels, which are carefully fitted on the roof. Our personnel is well put in the installation process. For efficiency, do not seek for this service from anywhere else other than from us! Along, you can also purchase a boiler which is used as a back up system, especially for use during the very cold seasons. It is also used to heat the water further, to the temperature you want. Our maintenance fee is generally very low. Once you purchase the solar water heating system of your choice, we will give you a guarantee of up to a decade. If at any given time you experience any leakages or any problem with your system, we will immediately attend to it. We are open to any follow ups. At times depending on the state of your system, we may not charge you at all.

You realise that some installation companies may not attend to your system as often as you wish. With us, we make close follow ups on your solar hot water system. The reason why your system should be attended to several times especially during the very cold seasons is precisely because the anti-freeze may need some replacement. Once your system’s anti-freeze breaks down, then your system will not have the capacity to keep your water hot. With this therefore, you need to be very careful about the installer you entrust with the solar hot water system installation. You need to engage with a very credible installer with top class experience.

For many years now, we have attended to very many industrial organisations, homes and various other credible institutions and companies. All have accredited our installation services as reputable and top-class. Whenever you need to employ this process, we are your best choice. Kindly visit our website on http://www.freeflow.com.au/ for more information. Notice the variety of quality solar hot water systems we have.

If you wish to leave any comment or have any enquires to make, kindly feel free to contact us. We are a highly experienced installation company and dedication is what leads us. Seek for all your solar hot water systems from us today.

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