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Different New Devices from Free Flow for Quality Hot Water Systems

Posted by on Sep 19, 2013

Are you looking for hot water systems? We at Free Flow offer our customers a wide variety of hot water systems that you can use for your home. We work with the most experienced and well trained plumbers who will offer you top quality services using the latest technologies. Our services are interest free so you only pay for your service fee and our hot water services are also very affordable. At Free Flow, we invest in acquiring the best skills for our plumbers to enable them up date with the ever advancing technology to be able to provide you the best services. We do constant trainings on new products, systems and sustainable environmental solutions. Our services are trusted for their quality and our clients are known to enjoy peace of mind after our installations and we have license to offer the services.

At Free Flow, some of the services we offer include licensed plumbing services, back flow testing, electrical and gas fittings, energy and water saving, environmental plumbing, 24/7 replacement of hot water and service and repairs. Our hot water systems services are offered to commercial, government and council, commercial and residential entities. We also offer the following repair services; burst pipes, leak detection, clogged drains, storm water, sewer and water mains, testing and back flows, gas fitting, repairs and leaks.

At Free Flow, Some Of The Hot Water Systems We Offer Include:    

  • Solar

This system requires an investment of about $1,500 to $2,000 which is more than the cost of installing conventional hot water system. This energy saver will pay you back the amount invested through the less cost of energy it uses in the long run. All our solar hot water systems have gas, solid fuel boosters or off peak electric to provide hot water during low solar periods and are environmental friendly.

  • Heat Pumps

Our heat pumps hot water systems are very efficient water heaters and use about 70% less of electricity compared to other water heating systems. Our heat pumps can be used with timers in combination with off peak tariffs to reduce running costs.

  • Peak Electric

These hot water systems are used for storage water heaters that have a capacity of no more than 160 liters, electric continuous flows and for storage systems. Although these systems are good, they are also expensive and we do advice our customers to use them only when they lack other options.

  • Off-Peak Electric

These hot water systems have running costs that are comparable to natural gas and are used in systems with storage capacity of 160 litres and above. Other systems for hot water we have include natural gas and solid fuels e.g. Coal, briquettes and wood. Whatever your hot water needs, we at Free Flow will provide you the best systems at very affordable rates. See our website http://www.freeflow.com.au/ for more information.

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